Add Watermark to your video to Protect Your Rights For Free

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If you are video maker or you have created an awesome animated video, you want to add watermark to your video to protect it from being theft posting and for increasing your popularity. For this purpose you need a good watermark software, there are many software for this solution but you have to buy them to put watermark on it otherwise they will leave their watermark on your video, so here in this post i will tel you a good software and easy way to add your watermark only to your video.


Software for watermarking

Camtasia is good watermarking software having many other tools for video editing, it’s not free but have a trial version for 30 days, which are good for general use, so first download this software and then follow the instruction given in next para for adding watermark to your video.

Download Camtasia Free

Instructions for using camtasia for Watermaring

  1. First of all download software and then install it to your PC,
  2. Open Camtasia from desktop or from start menu,
  3. In file menu open a new project,
  4. Now click on Import media & then select video file you want to watermark,
  5. Now drag the video to video Timeline,
  6. 1Now click on “Produce & Share” button, Production visit will be opened, now here from drop down menu click on “Custom Production setting” and than click on Next,
  7. Now on this page you can select video format you wish to use,
  8. Here you will find watermark option with many other options, select it and from options choose your image logo you want to choose, on this page you can also set many other options like image opacity, watermark image size,..etc. choose according to your need,
  9. Now click on “Ok” and move forward, then after it will ask you for saving video, chose place you want to save and wait for its saving,
  10. After video is saved, you can play it, now you will see your watermark on image.
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Hope this software and article helps you to put watermark on your videos for protection, if you like this post, you will definitely like our other posts, share this with your friends and enjoy your moments.

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